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Why computational pathology?

Pathology is the keystone of cancer care. Today pathologists impact a huge range of clinical pathways and treatment decisions in cancer care. As treatments continue to grow in complexity and volume, pathology and laboratory services must deliver timely diagnoses for effective, individualized cancer treatments. At the same time, pathologists face growing pressure within rapidly evolving and increasingly complex healthcare systems.


Combining technological innovation with expertise can help pathologists have a positive impact on healthcare systems and patient outcomes. Computational pathology can help pathologists mine richer information from tissue than possible with the naked eye alone. Improved scanning, storing and processing have made it possible to pursue the big mission of applying  computational techniques to pathology.

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What is computational pathology?

The essential guide to computational pathology; why it is needed today and how it can be used to help pathologists and impact clinical care?

Empowering Pathologists to Support Improved Patient Care

Philips vision for computational pathology

Our vision is to offer solutions for computational pathology along three strategic directions:

  • Clinical diagnostics: Applications that aid the pathologist in routine day-to-day diagnosis
  • Molecular pathology: Guiding tumor markup for macro dissection and subsequent quantification of tumor nuclei percentage
  • Research & biomarker discovery: Web based image and data management platform

Clinical Diagnostic Portfolio
Impactful clinical decisions need accurate information


We aim to standardize and support confident diagnosis in the pathology lab with a suite of clinical applications. Seamlessly integrated into your lab’s workflow, these applications could be used for routine pathology reporting. To begin with, we will offer applications for research use of Breast IHC semi-quantification through our partnership with Visiopharm1.





1) Visiopharm is the legal manufacturer of the breast IHC applications (HER2 APP, Breast Cancer; ER APP, Breast Cancer; PR APP, Breast Cancer; Ki67 APP, Breast Cancer). The applications are CE-IVD for Europe and Research Use Only for United States and Rest of the world.

Research Applications

Use smart research analytics to unlock the potential of tissue.

Guiding Molecular Pathology

 Analyze solid tumor tissue samples fast and enhance the quality and reliability of macro dissection, nucleic acid extraction, and molecular profiling. TissueMark2 application automatically annotates the tumor tissue boundary for you.


2) TissueMark is a Research Application; PathXL is the legal manufacturer and a Philips company

Speed up research & biomarker discovery

Xplore3 Access, import, store, and search large volumes of genomic, molecular and image analysis data associated with pathology images using our research web-based image and data management system Xplore3


3) Xplore is a Research Application; PathXL is the legal manufacturer and a Philips company

Empowering you to lead the change towards improved patient care

Impacting care in oncology

Cancer incidence and related healthcare costs continue to grow. There is a big need to diagnose and treat patients in efficient settings with a focus on the best care. The key? You must combine using the best imaging and therapy capabilities, patient experience and lowest cost with the goal to improve patient outcomes.


We help make this possible with tools and services for accurate first time right decision making. With Philips HealthTech, offering oncology solution across the health continuum, the future of personalized oncology is within your reach.

Philips IntelliSite open platform

Philips open platform for pathology is based on HealthSuite to bring multiple benefits. HealthSuite digital platform offers both a native cloud-based infrastructure and the core services needed to develop and run a new generation of connected healthcare applications.


Unlike other digital platforms, HealthSuite is purpose built for the complex challenges of healthcare, featuring deep clinical databases, patient privacy, industry standards and protocols, and personal and population data visualizations. 

“We’re in a really exciting time in pathology. We’re at the cross roads between the old way of doing pathology and the new way, digital pathology/computational pathology.”

–– Dr Peter Hamilton, Group Leader, Image analytics hub, Philips Belfast.


  1. LabPON partnership