Refinity Short-tip rotational IVUS catheter


Short-tip rotational IVUS catheter

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Philips’ next generation rotational IVUS catheter. With exceptional deliverability, it navigates through challenging lesions with ease. With 5F guide compatibility, it enables radial access and with 45 MHz high resolution image, it creates clear, crisp images for accurate vessel interpretation and lesion assessment.


Catheter size specs
Catheter size specs
Compatible guide catheter
  • 5 F (ID ≥ 0.056")
Compatible guidewire
  • 0.014”
Outer shaft diameter
  • 3.0 F
Scanner diameter
  • 14 mm
Working length
  • 135 mm
Tip-to-tranducer length
  • 20.5 mm
Ordering information
  • Part # 89900
  • Data on file at Philips. Bench testing was conducted with three rotational IVUS catheters: Refinity, Revolution, Opticross through a tortuous model.
  • This product may not be approved in all markets. Please check with your local Philips representative.