SureSigns VSi - NBP/SPO₂ Vital signs monitor

SureSigns VSi - NBP/SPO₂

Vital signs monitor

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Spot checks have never been easier. Providing basic vital sign monitoring in a portable and reliable package, the VSi is intuitive to use and works easily with your existing network.


Product details
Product details
Product Dimensions
  • 18.0 cm (7.1") W, 19.0 cm (7.5") H, 14.5 cm (5.7") D
  • 10.9 cm (4.3") WQVGA TFT-AM LCD display
  • Oscillometric
Patient Application
  • Adult, Pediatric, Neonatal
Data Output
  • HL7 format, via Ethernet port
Battery Type
  • Lithium ion
Starter Kit Supplies
  • Adult NBP cuff M4555B, NBP Interconnect tubing M1599B, Adult finger SpO₂ sensor M1196A,
  • Reusable clip adult SpO₂ sensor M1196S, Oral/Axillary Temp Probe Kit 989803143381
  • Temp probe covers M4823A
Battery Power
  • 10.8-11.1 volts, 2150 mAhr to 2300 mAhr
Package Weight
  • 1.7 kg (3.8 lbs), including Temp plus probe, covers and battery
  • Product may not be available in all geographies, please check with your Philips representative for complete portfolio availability.