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Liberating your data to unlock actionable insights

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The future of healthcare depends on the connectivity of various IT technologies to empower clinicians, providers, and health systems. Access to free-flowing data can provide rich human value by potentially unlocking insights that people can act upon. Across the patient monitoring ecosystem, integration of IT systems for continuous data flow has the power to enhance clinical decision-making, simplify workflows, and reduce operational complexity. With the 2021 acquisition of Capsule Technologies, Philips is integrating medical devices, clinical information systems, and IT infrastructure to help caregivers deliver efficient and effective care, wherever in the hospital it takes place.

Healthcare IT systems and solutions


The vendor-neutral, third-party device connectivity of Philips Capsule Medical Device Information Platform (MDIP) combined with the system interoperability capabilities of Philips IntelliBridge care solutions has the potential to unlock the hidden value of clinical data.

  • IntelliBridge Enterprise allows consolidation of clinical data from connected patient care devices, such as ventilators, anesthesia machines, infusion pumps and multi-parameter measurement devices. In the Philips patient monitoring ecosystem, the data can be displayed on IntelliVue patient monitors, transmitted to a Patient Information Center (PIC iX), and/or sent to a range of third-party connected systems.
  • MDIP provides data management capabilities to potentially transform streaming medical device data and transmit context-rich information to receiving systems. Philips Capsule Surveillance uses this data, including waveforms, to provide continuous visibility and to alert on potentially actionable emergent events. It enables reporting and analytics such as alarm summary visualization.


    IntelliBridge Enterprise

    Philips IntelliBridge Enterprise provides a single, standards-based point of interoperability between your Philips clinical systems and your enterprise information systems, while reducing complexity and cost in your healthcare environment.

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Philips mobility solutions allow caregivers to remotely receive continuous data, distributed alerts, and contextual insight notifications.
  • Care Assist provides a view of the most recent physiological vitals (upon request), including waveform data and parameters, as well as the ability to retrospectively review alarm and waveform data. As part of PIC iX, it provides remote access to the most up-to-date patient data. Care Assist enables caregivers on the go to follow patient progress, collaborate with colleagues, and/or make informed patient care decisions.

Event Management

  • PIC iX, release 4, enables CDAS (Distributed Alarm System with Operator Confirmation). A CDAS system, when configured with the appropriate IntelliVue bedside software and Care Assist mobile app, ensures that if an alarm cannot be successfully delivered to the next appropriate step in the alarm pathway, there will be a technical notification generated. The clinician then responds to the technical notification with an accept or reject response as appropriate. A CDAS system meets IEC 80001 medical device standards for alarm delivery security and risk management. CDAS is available for Android mobile devices only.
  • Event Notification receives alarms and event notifications from Philips patient monitors, nurse call systems, lab systems and more. Depending on the clinical team’s needs, it can send all the alarm data it collects to a downstream third-party alert system, or Event Notification can filter, route, and escalate the alarm data before sending it to a third-party alert system. When using Event Notification in conjunction with Care Assist, Event Notification provides clinical context for actionable alarms by delivering up to four numerics, four waveforms and associated data from Philips patient monitors to support the caregiver in assessing the patient and determining the course of care.

Retrospective Analytics

  • Philips Clinical Insights Manager helps make rich, high-fidelity clinical data clear, manageable and understandable. This comprehensive, service-oriented solution combines the storage and aggregation of data with tools to allow you to query, filter and sort it, in compliance with data security requirements. As a retrospective data analysis solution, Clinical Insights Manager helps you unlock your data and put it to work to help you achieve your clinical healthcare goals.


    Clinical Insights Manager  

    Philips Clinical Insights Manager is a service-oriented, end-to-end solution that allows hospitals to synthesize high-fidelity clinical data. It combines storage and aggregation of data with tools that allow you to query, filter and sort it so you can transform this information into valuable insights that help you achieve your clinical healthcare goals.

Vendor-neutral communication protocols and standards

Philips IT systems and solutions are open-standards based, enabling data exchange between technologies and across care environments. Our clinical systems and IT infrastructure solutions are interoperable with one another and with systems throughout the healthcare ecosystem.

We are deeply committed to the advancement of healthcare data and communications standards (e.g., Integrating the Healthcare Enterprise (IHE), HL7, IEEE, DICOM, Continua and SDC), as a corporate member of and contributor to several leading standard-setting organizations. In this work, we collaborate with subject matter experts from healthcare, academia, and industry, even our competitors, advancing the digitization of healthcare data for the benefit of both patients and providers.

Some products referenced on this page may not be available in all markets. Ask your local Philips representative.

Learn more about Philips patient monitoring ecosystem and Philips Capsule integration solutions at Arab Health (Jan 30 to Feb 2)

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Clinical Insights Manager

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