CIRSE 2019

See clearly.
Treat optimally.

Meet Philips at the World-Leading Course in
Interventional Radiology

The Philips Image Guided Therapy portfolio uniquely integrates best-in-class imaging with specialized devices to address some of healthcare’s most challenging situations.


We’re developing seamless solutions to help you decide, guide, treat and confirm the right care in real time and advance outcomes.


We continue to innovate evidence-based technologies, for more procedures, so more people can live the lives they love.

There’s always a way to make life better.

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CIRSE 2019
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7-11 September
Join us at CIRSE 2019 to discover how the Philips Image Guided Therapy portfolio uniquely integrates best-in-class imaging with specialized diagnostic and therapeutic devices to support optimal treatment for even the most complex procedures.

Philips Lunch Symposium

September 7th, 13:00 – 14:00, Auditorium 2

Putting innovations in interventional radiology to work


Dr Daniel van den Heuvel

Dr. Daniël van den Heuvel, St. Antonius Ziekenhuis,
Nieuwegein, Netherlands

How Perfusion Angiography benefits CLI procedures

Dr. Chiara Floridi

Dr. Chiara Floridi- San Paolo Hospital, Milan,  Italy

Percutaneous lung tumor biopsy under CBCT guidance with PET-CT Fusion imaging

Dr Fabrizio Fanelli

Dr. Fabrizio Fanelli, University Hospital - University of Florence,  Italy

See clearly. Treat optimally. The added value of intravascular imaging and vessel preparation to optimize outcomes

Dr. Pierre Auloge

Dr. Pierre Auloge, Hôpitaux Universitaires de Strasbourg, France

Augmented Reality based navigation during percutaneous vertebroplasty


Prof Jean Palussiere

Prof. Jean Palussiere

Institute Bergonié, Bordeaux


Prof Geert Malleux

Prof. Geert Maleux

University Hospitals Leuven

Atul Gupta, MD

Atul Gupta, MD

Chief Medical Officer,

Philips IGT


Philips Learning Center

September 7th-10th, Foyer next to Auditorium 2

Experience Philips innovations in interventional radiology first-hand

Radiation Protection Pavilion

September 8th, 09:30 - 09:45


Radiation dose in prostatic artery embolization using CBCT and 3D-Roadmap.

Dr. Marcus Katoh, Helios Klinikum Krefeld, Germany


Introducing Philips Azurion with FlexArm

Philips Azurion with FlexArm
Pioneer Plus re-entry catheter

Explore your PAD treatment path with Philips IVUS and therapeutic devices.

Philips IGT Devices




EmboGuide with XperCT Dual provides the first workflow-based tool to guide detection and treatment of tumors and vessel feeders to multiple lesions. 


XperGuide offers live 3D image needle guidance, letting you bring percutaneous needle procedures into the interventional lab. 


SmartPerfusion imaging technology provides interventionalists with an objective understanding of the impact of their treatment to help determine the outcome of perfusion procedures.  

Treat safely with Stellarex

Top-tier outcomes with the lowest effective drug dose in all patients – common to complex. Treat safely and effectively with the low-dose Philips Stellarex drug-coated balloon.

Lesion preparation solutions


Treat optimally with versatility. The Philips portfolio of therapeutic devices offers the versatility needed to treat the majority of PAD cases, including complex lesions.


See clearly with IVUS

Learn how Philips IVUS gives clinicians the visualization needed to quickly and precisely assess a PAD procedural challenge so they can treat optimally with Philips therapeutic solutions.