Radiation Dose Tracker

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Building a strong radiation safety culture starts with giving the medical staff real-time insight about their personal exposure. DoseAware is an active dosimetry system that provides real-time insights about radiation exposure, helping medical staff and physicians evaluate and directly adjust their behaviors.

Give staff real-time feedback || Dose Aware

Give staff real-time feedback

DoseAware measures and displays an individual’s exposure to radiation in real time. It gives staff immediate feedback on their level of scattered X-ray exposure and how their behavior affects it. The information provided by DoseAware helps staff track when and where dose was acquired, so they can take appropriate action during a procedure or work shift, if required.
Base Station shows the amount || Dose Aware

Base Station shows the amount

DoseAware is a flexible solution that can be used in any X-ray room for real-time feedback on scattered X-ray exposure. The PDM measures the X-ray dose received and is wirelessly connected to the Base Station, which can be mounted on an exam room monitor.
Personal Dose Meter (PDM) || Dose Aware

Personal Dose Meter (PDM)

Worn by the staff, this smart badge measures scatter radiation and transmits this information to the Base Stations (DoseAware) where it is displayed or radio hub (DoseAware Xtend). It makes DoseAware more flexible,since you can place its screen anywhere on the FlexVision XL display.
Live feedback to guide behavior* || Dose Aware

Live feedback to guide behavior*

During the procedure, the DoseAware Xtend live screen provides extra information to guide staff behavior. It shows the amount of real-time scattered X-ray dose per hour as a colored bar and the staff dose accumulated during the procedure in microsievert (μSv).
Dedicated room solution* || Dose Aware

Dedicated room solution*

DoseAware Xtend is a new dedicated solution for a treatment room that is integrated with the Allura FlexVision XL display and Allura X-ray systems. This integration allows DoseAware Xtend to provide more detailed feedback per procedure on scattered X-ray dose levels.
DoseView || Dose Aware


This PC software package is included with DoseAware and DoseAware Xtend. It connects to a PDM via a cradle. DoseView enables you to view data on a PC, change names assigned to PDMs, or reset PDMs.
Dose Manager || Dose Aware

Dose Manager

Dose Manager is optional software that collects all data for reporting, exporting, and archiving. It can be connected to multiple Base Stations (DoseAware) or multiple radio hubs (DoseAware Xtend) via the hospital network.
  • * only for DoseAware Xtend