World Oral Health Day
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Celebrate World Oral Health Day

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March 20th 2020

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Philips have once again united with FDI World Dental Federation to celebrate World Oral Health Day (WOHD), March 20th, 2020 to raise awareness of the importance of good oral health throughout life.

Philips Sonicare aims to raise awareness of the importance of preventative measures, like regular check-ups and building heathy habits for long-term oral and overall health.

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Oral disease affects 3.9 billion people worldwide, with untreated tooth decay affecting almost half of the world’s population. Philips Sonicare is dedicated to helping you educate and motivate your patients to adopt good oral health habits to fight this preventable disease.


Because a healthy mouth is so important to a healthy body, Philips Sonicare is elated to partner with dental professionals to empower every patient with knowledge to take control of their oral health. Join us in giving the world a healthy smile.

Oral and overall health

The importance of good oral health is gaining increasing attention as we learn more about the connections between oral and overall health. Numerous studies have revealed linkages between periodontal diseases* and certain systemic diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, and stroke, among others1,2.

It's about more than your smile

You can get involved and help your patients Act on Mouth Heath. Download the range of our oral systemic brochures, which will give your patients more information on how poor oral health can impact their heart, pregnancy and the association between poor oral health and diabetes.

Do you know about the link between oral health and diabetes?

Is poor oral health affecting your pregnancy?

Can poor oral health impact your heart?

* Philips Oral Healthcare products are designed to aid in the prevention of cavities, plaque and gingivitis. They have not been cleared or approved for the prevention or treatment of periodontitis or other diseases. Emerging research shows that there is an association between periodontitis and certain systemic diseases. A cause and effect relationship has not been established.


1. Dietrich T, Garcia RI. Associations between periodontal disease and systemic disease: Evaluating the strength of the evidence. J. Periodontol 2005;76:2175-2184.

2. Barnett ML. The oral-systemic disease connection. An update for the practicing dentist. J AM Dent Assoc 2006: 137 (suppl): 5S-6S.

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