First-of-a-kind molecular phenotyping.
Assessing tumor-driving pathway activity.

ESMO Congress – visit us at booth #230 | ANE Congress – visit us at booth #307

What drives tumor growth?

Built on decades of cell biology research, OncoSignal determines the activity of signal transduction pathways that are involved in cancer to reveal the tumor-driving mechanisms.
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Downstream measurement

of RNA molecules enabling quantification of the entire sequence of events of a signaling pathway.

Quantified pathway activity scores

helping to identify aberrant activity and allowing for comparison between tumor samples.

Actionable results

as an aid in identifying therapy targets.
OncoSignal is available for Research Use Only – not for use in diagnostic procedures.

Now available: OncoSignal service testing

OncoSignal pathway analysis is now available through our dedicated service lab. For more information or a dedicated quotation, please contact the OncoSignal team at oncosignal@philips.com

For Research Use Only – not for use in diagnostic procedures.

OncoSignal Service Testing features:

  • A pathway activity report delivered per sample with quantitative scores of relevant pathways.
  • Sample types: FFPE or FF human tissues, cell lines, PDX.
  • Optimized for small sample sizes.
  • qPCR kits enabling in-house pathway analysis with short turnaround time are in development.
  • Pathway analysis based on RNAseq data in development.

News & upcoming events

Upcoming events

OncoSignal at events 2019
ESMO in Barcelona, ES

September 27 - October 1

Booth #230

ANE in Boston, USA

October 26-30 

Booth #307

AMP in Baltimore, USA

November 7-9 

Booth #2537

SABCS in San Antonio, USA

December 10-14

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OncoSignal at AACR 2018: OncoSignal tests for pre-clinical research

During the AACR Annual Meeting 2018, we introduced the OncoSignal tests for pre-clinical research. Please view the dedicated flyer for a summary of benefits and supporting data.


Part of these data were generated in collaboration with Charles River Laboratories (CRL). During the AACR Annual Meeting, Anja van de Stolpe (MD and co-inventor of OncoSignal pathway analysis) participated in a Charles River panel to elaborate on the meaning and purpose of signaling pathway analysis in the oncology field (see video). In addition, OncoSignal findings are now accessible through the CRL compendium

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