Clinical standards are prescribing us to diagnosis at earlier stages of development, how can you help us to address this? (OB solution for earlier diagnosis)


The Philips eL18-4 PureWave transducer provides superb 2D detail resolution along with the penetration needed for diagnostic confidence in first and second trimester obstetrical examinations. The combination of superb detail resolution and penetration is made possible by the transducer’s advanced PureWave crystal technology with fine-elevation focusing capability. MFI on the eL18-4, is a proprietary imaging mode designed to detect low volume, low velocity blood flow found in fetal, placental, uterine and ovarian vasculature. MicroFlow Imaging overcomes many of the technical barriers associated with conventional methods to detect small vessel blood flow with high resolution and minimal artifacts. MicroFlow Imaging maintains high frame rate and 2D image quality while applying advanced artifact reduction techniques. New 2D image subtraction, 2D blending and side-by-side display options offer excellent visualization versatility.