How can I improve my workflow with the ever increasing patient workload? (aBiometry Assist, SmartExam, aReveal…)


We have multiple feature and enhancements that improve workflow, a few of which are  aBiometry Assist, Smart Exams and aReveal.  


Virtually every obstetrical ultrasound examination includes standardized measurements of fetal structures to assess fetal age and growth trends. Philips aBiometry AssistA.I. uses anatomical intelligence technology to automatically preplace measurement cursors on selected anatomical structures for measurement (HC, BPD,OFD, AC and FL).  User approved measurements are automatically sent to the report.  The automated process reduces key stroke and saves time. aBiometry Assist can be incorporated in to Smart Exam system guided protocols to provide even more workflow benefit.


SmartExam protocols is a system-guided feature which facilitate exams with an onscreen menu that guides you through required views by exam type, automatically enters annotation, and builds your report.These protocols have been clinically proven to reduce exam time by up to 50%* by reducing keystrokes and alerting the user to any missed views. It is fast and easy to customize, providing consistent annotation, automatic mode switching, and missed view alerts to streamline exams.


aRevealA.I. is an advanced feature of Philips AIUS that automatically removes extraneous 3D information to quickly and easily reveal the 3D fetal face. Avoid having to perform time consuming manual editing of the 3D fetal face data set. AIUS looks at a patient’s ultrasound data and applies adaptive systems intelligence using 3D anatomical models to create easier and more reproducible results.


*Drose J. Saving time while increasing revenue. University of Colorado Hospital. April 2007.