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With our vascular integrated surgical room, you are fully equipped to provide exceptional quality care and service to a wide range of patients requiring vascular procedures. This includes diagnostic angiography, percutaneous transluminal angioplasty (PTA), vascular bypass, balloon embolectomy, artherectomy, and implantable cardioverter defibrillator (ICD) procedures.

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How we work with our surgical alliance partners


Choose from a wide range of equipment from Philips and our leading surgical alliance partners to get your perfect-fit surgical solution.

Partners for the vascular solution include Stille, Merivaara, Medrad, Trumpf, and Mavig. All equipment has been verified for certification to meet industry standards and local regulations for safety, performance, and quality.

Vascular integrated surgical room

Philips Veradius Unity mobile C-arm
Philips Veradius Unity Mobile C-arm
Veradius Unity allows for a better user experience to enhance consistency and efficiency in demanding procedures. Its high image quality provides greater insight in finding and treating the problem. The innovative touch screen promotes easy workflow for every user.
Philips BV Pulsera mobile C-arm
Philips BV Pulsera Mobile C-arm
From pacemaker and biventricular implants to bypass checks and AAA repair, the BV Pulsera mobile fluoroscopy system has the high image quality and power you need. It provides critical insight into complex vasculature, dense anatomy and obese patients.
Philips CX50 ultrasound
Philips CX50 Ultrasound
Premium technologies bring a new level of image quality to compact ultrasound so performance isn’t sacrificed for portability. Designed for critical study requirements and big system performance everywhere you need it.
Philips Affiniti 30 ultrasound
Affiniti 30
Engineered for efficiency and reliability and powered by Philips proven performance, Affiniti 30 brings you outstanding image quality, advanced features, and walk-up usability. All in an elegant, easy-to-use design with the broad functionality you need.
STILLE imagiQ2 OR table
STILLE imagiQ2 OR Table
Designed for image guided endovascular procedures, with pricing, safety and features optimized for both in- and outpatient settings. The imagiQ2™ surgical imaging table is optimized for advanced mobile Hybrid OR procedures as well as more conventional office based endovascular repair.
Merivaara Practico OR table
Merivaara Practico OR Table
Practico, the mobile, electro-mechanical operating table represents convenient design and maximum flexibility for general surgery. The flexible and modular table setup with its wide range of posture possibilities offers comfort and operational efficiency for the whole surgical team.
Medrad Mark 7 Arterion injector
Medrad Mark 7 Arterion Injector
Mark 7 Arterion has stylish ergonomics that are designed for function; the pedestal system with a smaller footprint is lighter than the MEDRAD brand’s previous version, which increases mobility around your busy lab. And the lighter head now has a handle to make it easier to position for injection.
Mavig Portegra2 LE70043 light
Surgery Solutions - OR Light - Portegra2
Our lamps enable optimal examination and operating conditions: enhanced depth illumination, characteristics of daylight, reduction of heat dispersion to an absolute minimum, high-contrast color reproduction, and recognition of the finest color nuances. The lamps are NRTL certified and delivered with an extension/spring arm.
Mavig GD4220 monitor boom
GD4220 Monitor Boom
Sleek, versatile and compact. The stable, high-quality systems are perfectly designed for the daily needs of hospitals or radiology practices. MAVIG Life Cycle Testing ensures 100% quality of all delivered products.
Mavig GD50 monitor boom
GD50 Monitor Boom
These monitor carriers offer high flexibility. Monitor compatibility is not a problem with MAVIG suspension systems. You are able to mount monitors of your choice, which use the market standard VESA-Adaptors.
Philips DoseAware dose monitor
Philips DoseAware Dose Monitor
DoseAware is the first personal dose measuring system to measure and display an individual’s exposure to radiation in real time. It gives staff immediate feedback on their level of scattered X-ray exposure and how their behavior affects it.
Mavig RA631 lead apron safety protection
Mavig RA631 Lead Apron Safety Protection
Equipped with NovaLite radiation protective material, the RA631 series ensures that basic occupational health requirements are met in radiology workplaces where protection has to be worn for long periods. Special features distinguish this model significantly from other two-piece suits.
Mavig HS100 gloves safety protection
HS100 Gloves
With the HS100 X-ray absorbing sterile gloves, MAVIG provides an effective option for reducing the doses in the area of justification scatter radiation exposure.
Mavig RA611 safety head wear
Mavig RA611 Safety Head Wear
Closed Radiation Protective Cap. This series combines the advantages of the headband with regard to heat dissipation with the increased radiation protection of a closed cap on the top of the head.
Mavig RA614 thyroid collar
Mavig RA614
The MAVIG thyroid-sternum shield for patients is distinguished by a first-class cut and optimal fit, which takes all aspects of radiation protection into account. A simple, optionally replaceable hook and burr fastening allows sufficient room for adjustment.
Philips IntelliVue X3 patient monitor
Philips IntelliVue X3 Patient Monitor
This is a compact, versatile, and portable patient monitoring device featuring intuitive smartphone-style operation. It offers a scalable set of clinical measurements. Each screen can be customized to present exactly what you want to see, the way you want to see it.
Trumpf TruPort modular boom
Trumpf Truport
Simple and highly flexible. All low voltage, electrical and medical gas modules can be integrated flexibly at any time, even after installation. It is easy to operate, with a long reach and high load capacity.
Mavig Portegra2 mounting solution
Mavig Portegra2 Mounting Solution
The innovative TriPin ceiling column series expands on Portegra2’s successful slim design and flexibility to provide a cost-effective way to manage three devices within a compact space.
Mavig OT54001 protective shields
Mavig OT54001 Protective Shields
The lead acrylic radiation protective shields have a lead equivalent of 0.50 mm. Our shields provide excellent optical transmittance, rounded corners and edges, and shatter-proof materials minimize the risk of injury. In an emergency, the shields can be moved out of the way quickly and easily.
Mavig UT6901 lower body protection
Mavig UT6901 Lower Body Protection
The UT6901 offers maximum protection for the lower body, thanks to the intermediate double articulated joint and additional lateral lead panel (removable). The upper shield can be removed quickly in case of emergency or to promote comfortable patient positioning.
Philips veradius unity
“Veradius Unity offers excellent image quality and the Stille table delivers exceptional mobility. This combination, in my opinion, is ideal for a hybrid operating room.”

Dr. Mikhaël Kassab, Vascular Surgeon

Polyclinic de Poitiers (Elsan group), France


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    IntelliVue Patient monitor

    IntelliVue X3

    • Easy to use
    • Designed to improve efficiency
    • A proven interface
    Affiniti Ultrasound system

    Affiniti 30

    • Designed for balance
    • Workflow meets wow
    • Performance you can see
    CX50 Vascular ultrasound system


    • PureWave Everywhere
    • Digital broadband beamforming on a compact
    • SonoCT brings a new level of quality to compact ultrasound
    Veradius Unity Mobile C-arm with Flat Detector

    Veradius Unity  

    • The user interface is so easy, it scored in the top 10% for ease of use
    • Cut miscommunication in half during positioning through our patented ClearGuide
    • Reduce repositioning time by up to 42% through the Position Memory feature
    BV Mobile C-arm

    BV Pulsera

    • When you need extra power
    • Exceptional contrast and clarity for cardiac exams
    • See through dense anatomy and steep projections
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