Future of MR in radiotherapy


Prof. Dr. Marco van Vulpen and Ir. Dr. Nico van den Berg, UMC Utrecht cancer center, the Netherlands – are talking about the collaboration with Philips, which contributes to opening new treatment pathways for MR-guided therapies.

Ingenia MR-RT with MR simulation package4 for Elekta MR-linac4


The Philips Ingenia MR-RT simulation platform with MR linac simulation package will be an ideal complement to Elekta Unity. With consistent workflows and image quality from MR simulation through to online MR guidance during radiation treatment, it will let you exploit the many similarities and synergies between Philips Ingenia MR-RT and Elekta Unity. A common high-field image generation technology enabling similar image quality, similar MR console user interfaces, as well as similar coil setup and patient positioning workflows will help enhance reproducibility, accelerate learning curves and drive continuity across the care path.

MR simulation