DXR Viewing (in MMV)

Comprehensive reviewing tool for multiple modalities, all in a single viewer
Clinicians often desire to view a patient's X-ray and fluoroscopy studies along with images from CT/MR/MI/US. Radiologists and clinicians who want to review a patient’s MR or CT study may also be required to view their prior or recent X-rays or fluoroscopy studies to understand the pathology well or progression of the disease. It is important to provide a platform to review of various patient studies in a common platform so radiologists can get a comprehensive review environment.
dxr viewing thumbnail
  • Enable a comprehensive review of a patient case whether it is a CT / MR / NM / US study.
  • Perform basic image manipulations like windowing, pan, zoom and add electronic shutters.
  • Annotate on images and also perform basic measurements on these images (provided the image is pre-calibrated).
  • Reporting also supported; key images can be sent to an MMV generic report.