BiPAP A40 EFL Ventilator The first and only purpose-built COPD NIV therapy proven to screen, detect and abolish EFL

BiPAP A40 EFL Ventilator

The first and only purpose-built COPD NIV therapy proven to screen, detect and abolish EFL

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While the majority of COPD patients have EFL, care teams have never had a COPD NIV ventilation therapy that dynamically and automatically targets EFL. BiPAP A40 EFL is the first and only NIV therapy precision-crafted to abolish EFL in hypercapnic COPD patients. It screens, detects and auto-optimizes pressure – to treat comfortably and redefine what is possible in managing COPD.


Prescription guidelines
Prescription guidelines
Pressure (min to max)
  • 4 to 40 cmH2O
BiPAP A40 EFL Modes
  • C, S, S/T, PC (noninvasive)
Ventilation Features
  • AVAPS, Automated Airway Management, ExpiraFlow
Trigger Type
  • Auto-Trak, Sensitive Auto-Trak, Flow Trigger
Breath Rate
  • 0 to 40 BPM (S/T and PC mode), 4 to 40 BPM (T mode)
Inspiratory Time
  • 0.5 to 3 seconds
Low Flow O2
  • 15 L/min at a maximum pressure of 10 psi
Settable Alarms
  • Circuit Disconnect, Apnea, Low Vt (AVAPS), Low Minute Ventilation, High Respiratory Rate, Low SPO2
  • Integrated SystemOne: Heated or Heated Tube
  • 22.23 cm W x 18.42 cm L x 10.80 cm H, (8.75” W x 7.25” L x 4.25” H)
Device specifications
Device specifications
  • Approximately 2 kg (4.4 lbs)
AC Voltage Source
  • 100 to 240 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 1.2 A
DC Power Source
  • 24 VDC, 4.2 A (Power Supply); 12 VDC, 5.0 A (External Battery)
  • Less than 30 dBA at 10 cmH2O
For a complete list of specifications
  • Please contact your local Representative or consult the user manual
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