Temperature Trend Indicators

Temperature strip

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Temperature Trend Indicators provide non-invasive, rapid temperature data for consistent thermoregulation monitoring of patients.

Non-invasive temperature readings || Continuous temperature reading

Non-invasive temperature readings are ideal for various care settings

Temperature Trend Indicators are accurate to ± 1°F / 0.5°C, and are ideal for use in a number of care settings including anesthesiology, post-anesthesia recovery, ER, surgery pediatrics, geriatrics, OB, and outpatient settings.
Easy to apply strip || Easy to use

Easy to apply strip for fast readings

Simply apply the temperature strip to the patient's forehead, arm, or chest and the continuous digital readout appears in 1 or 2 degree increments.
Manufactured without DEHP and latex || Easy to use

Manufactured without DEHP and latex to protect sensitive patients

The strips are manufactured without DEHP and latex to reduce the likelihood of adverse reaction in sensitive patients.