What are things to consider when buying a CPAP online from Australia and/or overseas?

What are things to consider when buying a CPAP online from Australia and/or overseas?

Philips products are sold globally but only products sold by Philips Australia’s authorized distribution partners are registered with the Australian regulatory body (TGA) and available for the DreamStation 5-year warranty by Philips Australia (terms and conditions are available here).


In considering whether to purchase a device online, we believe it is helpful to have clarity on the following questions:


1. How will the therapy be setup according to your individual needs? PAP devices should have therapy pressures and/or preference settings entered into them, and masks should be fitted to your individual anatomy and personal preferences.


2. Who will review information from the device to ensure that it is being used correctly? How will information be provided to your physician when you have your next physician visit? Keeping your care team (typically comprised of you, your physician, and your homecare provider) informed over the course of your treatment is important to ensuring that you get quality care in the near- and long-term.


3. What support is available in-person, on the phone, and/or online? What are the hours of this support? While  everyone’s learning process is different, we have found that almost everyone has questions about his/her CPAP treatment and equipment in the near- and long-term. Choosing a company that can match your learning style today and in the future is an important step to giving you the best chance for your treatment success.


4. If there is a problem with the device, what is the repairs / returns process? How long does this typically take? Where you purchase a device will have implications for how you will be able to receive support.