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    ECR 2018

    European Congress of Radiology

    February 28 – March 4, 2018 – Austria Center Vienna

    Booths 402 and 409 - both in hall X4


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    No silos. No limits.    


    Philips connects data, technology and people – seamlessly.


    Every day, healthcare moves forward. And it appears nothing can stop the progress of human health. Yet even the most advanced healthcare networks can be more integrated. Systems need to be able to talk to each other. Data needs to be available when and where decisions need to be made. At Philips, we help create seamless solutions that connect people, technology and data across the care continuum.


    From first-time-right diagnosis to hospitals that go where the patient goes, we’re breaking the boundaries standing in the way of progress. There’s no limit to what we can do together. Because today health knows no bounds, and neither should healthcare.


    See how Philips is removing the boundaries of care in radiology at ECR 2018, Booths 402 and 409 - both in hall X4


    There’s always a way to make life better.


    Be the first to know how we are reinventing radiology


    Be the first to know how we are reinventing radiology

    Clinical decision-making

    Explore our solutions

    Philips lunch symposia at ECR 2018


    Attend our lunch symposia to hear from leaders in the field.

    All sessions are free. Seats are limited to a first-come, first served basis. Lunch bags will be provided.

    Hands-on ultrasound scanning room


    Booth 402, Expo X4


    Experience Philips Ultrasound solutions by attending our dedicated scanning room.

    Book your personal session at the Philips booth #402, Expo X4. Sessions are free, but remember seats are limited and allocated on a first-come, first-served basis.

    CT workshops    

    Room -2/61  


    Philips Academy of CT Innovations


    Interactive CT hands-on workshops will be open to attendees for sharing learnings and insights on spectral CT imaging and iterative model based reconstruction.

    These exclusive sessions will take place from Thursday, March 1st to Saturday, March 3rd at the CT workshop room 61, level -2.


    Spectral CT

    Prof. Dr. David Maintz, Director of the Institute of Diagnostic and Interventional Radiology, University Hospital of Cologne, Germany


    Iterative model based reconstruction

    Dr. Davide Ippolito, Director Emergency Radiology Unit, San Gerardo Hospital, Monza, Italy


    Come to the Philips booth #402, Expo X4 to book your personal slot.

    Sessions are free.



    Welcome to the Philips booth!


    Join our Philips Live! forum for short talks on the solutions, technologies and people that help support first time right diagnosis. Attend interactive demonstrations with our experts. Stop by to be transported into another world with our virtual reality experiences, to see how high-quality imaging technology and advanced workflow tools could become your reality.


    And do not forget to come back at the end of each day for a free healthy drink with Philips.


    Visit us at booth #402, Expo X4 at ECR to see for yourself how we can help you break boundaries and change healthcare.


    Imaging remains at the heart of healthcare delivery


    Together, we can shepherd a new age of innovation, one that transform healthcare by focusing on the people behind the image and getting it right from the start.

    Radiology solutions

    • Magnetic Resonance

      Magnetic Resonance

      Discover how Philips MRI systems and solutions can help you perform in many clinical circumstances. Learn more about Philips MRI technologies.

    • Computed Tomography

      Computed Tomography

      Find out how Philips Computed tomography machines and solutions utilize the diagnostic potential of CT imaging. View all CT scanners, technologies and applications.

    • Radiography


      Philips radiography solutions are highly customizable. From mobile units to complete digital X-ray rooms, we can provide a radiography solution that fits your workflow and budget.

    • Interventional X-ray

      Interventional X-ray

      Discover how Philips interventional X-ray systems and solutions enable you to provide excellent care. Stay current with the latest clinical procedures and technologies.

    • Mammography


      Digital mammography has proven to enhance the efficiency of breast cancer screening.

    • Advanced Molecular Imaging

      Advanced Molecular Imaging

      Philips Advanced Molecular Imaging is transforming care by providing low dose molecular and hybrid imaging, enhanced lesion detectability, and the ability to share diagnostic information virtually anytime, anywhere.

    • Ultrasound


      Explore Philips wide selection of ultrasound machines, designed to meet the challenges of today's clinical practices.

    • Clinical Informatics

      Clinical Informatics

      Gain easy access to aggregated enterprise healthcare data across the patient care continuum, helping you to gain visibility into the overall health of a patient and proactively manage population health. Learn how we?re making IT possible, together with clinical information solutions.

    Press inquiries

    For ECR Press inquiries please contact


    Joost Maltha

    Philips Group Press Office

    Tel.: +31 6 10 55 8116


    Twitter: @joostmaltha


    Anton Kuehnelt-Leddihn

    Philips Austria

    Tel.: +43 66 48 131 213


    Twitter: @Philips_Austria

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