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Our latest MR innovations have arrived

On 9th of October, we announced the official launch of the Philips Ingenia Elition, a new 3.0T MRI solution, and the Philips Ingenia Ambition, a new 1.5T MR, in Australia and New Zealand. These solutions are designed to support diagnostic confidence, enhance productivity and improve patient experience. Three keynote speakers discussed the importance of improving patient care through new technology, and how our new portfolio delivers speed, comfort, and confidence in diagnosis.

Highlights from the Australia’s Next Wave of MR launch in Sydney:

Dr Marieke ES Sprengers
Dr. Marieke E.S. Sprengers, MD, PhD, Academic Medical Center (AMC), University of Amsterdam

Real world experience

Dr. Marieke E.S. Sprengers, MD, PhD, is a consultant for neuro-radiology and neuro-interventional radiology. She practices research, education, and clinical radiology focused in neuro-vascular diseases, particularly intercranial aneurysms and stroke. She is involved in the MRI department at the AMC, with particular focus on overall patient care.
Dr Frank Hoogenraad
Dr. Frank Hoogenraad, PhD, Philips Portfolio manager MRI 3.0T

Bringing the vision to life

Dr. Frank Hoogenraad, PhD, heads up the global marketing for the 3.0T portfolio, including clinical and integrated solutions, and responsible for market support in sales and communication. Frank Hoogenraad has a strong background in MRI, clinical science in Neuro, product marketing in MRI processing, and is currently leading the 3.0T roadmap.
Louise Verheij van Wijk
Louise Verheij van Wijk, Vice President and Commercial Leader Philips MRI

MR vision

Louise Verheij van Wijk is based in Best, The Netherlands, where she leads an international team of business and support managers for the global market. Responsible for all Philips MR global commercial activities and clinical applications, she also plays a key role in customer solutions development and manages customer visits to headquarters.

Break diagnostic boundaries with Speed, Comfort and Confidence

Catch up on the livestream featuring discussions among users of the new MR portfolio sharing their radiology challenges, and their experiences with the new MR solutions delivering Speed, Comfort and Confidence.

Interested to find out how to improve diagnosis, treatment and outcomes? Visit the Next Wave of MR.

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