How to create the Brett beard

1. Get a good start by giving yourself a nice even trim with a full-size trimmer, about 3-5mm–leaving your whiskers longer along the chin and under your lower lip.


2. Now use a precision trimmer to create the outline of your Chin Strap. This “strap”–a border along the edge of your chin–should be about 2.5cm wide and run along your jaw line from the middle of your chin to just before the middle of your ear. Make sure to leave the hair in the centre of your lower lip untouched.


3. Use the precision trimmer to carefully groom your sideburns so they do not connect with the Chin Strap. There should be a gap of at least 1cm between the two.


4. Shave your cheeks, neck and upper lip clean with a rotary shaver, moving in a gentle, circular motion. A mini foil shaver will help you carefully define the edges.


Styling/maintenance your Brett Beard

Keep your Brett Beard evenly trimmed to length of about 5mm. You’ll need to groom this style daily…or Brett won’t be happy.


Want Brett’s Beard?

This very individual beard style is a careful combination of two deceptively simple beards: the Chin Strap and the Soul Patch. Who thought to combine them, and why, remains a mystery. Some chap named Brett may have had something to do with this beard.

The most unique feature of this beard style is that unlike the Chin Strap, this beard does not make contact with the sideburns. It’s a great style for adding definition to a round face. It doesn’t look bad on square jaws either, but long-faced fellows should probably avoid the Brett Beard.