LED bulb


    LED bulb

    Energy saving without compromise

    Philips MyVision LED bulb: The next generation in energy saving. Highest energy saving and very long lifetime, instant light and unlimited switching See all benefits


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VisionLED LED bulb

5 W (40 W), Normal cap, Cool daylight 929000183701 Find similar products

Energy saving without compromise

Replaces any energy saver

  • Save energy from the moment you turn the switch

    All Philips energy saver LED light bulbs save energy from the moment you turn the switch. During their lifetime they use less Kw and thus also result in a lower energy bill. The level of energy saving differs per lamp type and technology.

  • Provides light instantly from the moment you switch it on

    Immediate light when switched on: that is the promise of our instant starting energy-saving lamps.

  • Immediately up to 80% less energy

    When you switch to a Philips LED light bulb, you immediately use up to 80% less energy without sacrificing light output and quality.

  • Our LED technology makes the lamp last at least 25,000 hours

    On average we have our lamps switched on 2,7 hrs per day and 1.000 hrs a year. The actual burning hours depend on the season (winter vs summer), weather conditions (sunny vs rainy dark day) and on the room where the lamp is used (bathroom vs living room). This Philips LED light will last at least 25.000 hrs, thus 25 years.

  • Safe for any room and convenient to recycle

    Philips LED lights contain absolutely no hazardous materials, making them safe for any room and convenient to recycle.

  • You can trust what the Philips packaging is saying

    Philips keeps their promises about LED light performance. You can trust what the Philips packaging is saying about light output, lifetime, and wattage equivalent to incandescent lamps.

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