LCD monitor

    LCD monitor

    excellent and robust display solution

    Excellent and robust, the network-controlled Philips 300WN5 LCD monitor provides a reliable and multi-function solution with Philips leading display technology that guarantees your message gets out to the public crystal clear. See all benefits


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excellent and robust display solution

  • Lifecycle is longer than plasma displays

    Lifecycle is longer than plasma displays

    A longer lifecycle means a lower total cost of ownership and adds up to long-term savings.

  • Remote Management and Configuration via RS232

    Remote Management allows the user to control and adjust the displays remotely via the RS232 protocol. Using CEC commands, you are able to have full control over all the displays in your signage network at any time.

  • Brightness automatically adjusts with ambient conditions

    The adjustment of display settings to correspond with ambient light without user intervention.

  • Automatic alert provides advance warning of overheating

    Automatic overheat warning generates an alert and delivers it to the designated system manager when a display device's operating temperature exceeds designated levels.

  • Intelligent power management for lower consumption

    Intelligent power management employs energy-efficient technologies in product design to reduce power consumption and significantly lower the total cost of ownership.

  • Hidden control buttons prevent tampering with settings

    Control buttons placed at the rear of a monitor used for public display to prevent tampering with display settings.

  • Easy plug-and-play DVI for a true digital experience

    A DVI cable is shipped with the product to provide high quality digital display.

  • WXGA, wide format, 1280x768 resolution for sharper display

    For graphics monitors, the screen resolution signifies the number of dots (pixels) on the entire screen. WXGA provides the resolutions 1280 by 768 pixels. In addition, WXGA allows monitors to be non-interlaced. This ensures a better display performance and accurate color display effect.

  • Ready to display SDTV, EDTV and HDTV formats

    A display device ready to display standard definition television, extended definition television and high definition television signals, which are commonly used by TV systems in the world.

  • DCDi™ eliminates combing and jagged edges for a sharp image

    DCDi enhances the quality of all images by eliminating the stair-step jagged edges so often seen on progressive scan displays resulting in natural images with exceptional detail.

  • PiP allows watching a second source simultaneously

    Provides the ability to watch simultaneously two different sources, either two video sources or a combination with data/graphics

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