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    LCD monitor

    World’s first PowerSensor display cuts power bills

    The Green Philips 225P1 monitor with revolutionary PowerSensor technology detects user presence and adjusts power consumption accordingly, reducing your power consumption by up to 70%. See all benefits

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World’s first PowerSensor display cuts power bills

  • PowerSensor:Ensures lower operating costs by saving energy

    PowerSensor is a built-in 'people sensor' that transmits and receives harmless infrared signals to determine if user is present and automatically reduces monitor brightness when user steps away from the desk, cutting energy costs by up to 50 percent and prolonging monitor life.

  • SmartImage: Optimized user friendly display experience

    SmartImage is an exclusive, leading edge Philips technology that analyzes the content displayed on your screen. Based on a scenario you select, SmartImage dynamically enhances the contrast, color saturation and sharpness of images and videos for ultimate display performance - all in real time with the press on a single button.

  • Built in stereo audio for multimedia experience

    A pair of high quality stereo speakers built into a display device. It can be visible front firing, or invisible down firing, top firing, rear firing, etc depending on model and design.

  • USB port to enhance multimedia experience

    The universal serial bus or USB is a standard protocol for linking PCs and peripherals. Because it delivers high speed at a low cost, USB has become the most popular method for connecting peripheral devices to a computer. A port located on a monitor directly in the user's line of sight provides easy, high-speed connectivity for USB devices at a convenient location. (USB 2.0 support is dependent on your PC's USB configuration; when connected to a PC that supports USB 2.0, your monitor is USB 2.0 compatible)

  • 130mm height adjustment for ideal sitting position

    The Super Ergo Base is a 'people friendly' Philips monitor base that tilts, swivels,is height adjustable and Pivots to 90degree, so each user can position the monitor for maximum viewing comfort and efficiency

  • 90 degree screen rotation and smart cable management

    ScreenRotate makes it possible to use a monitor in either the landscape and portrait mode; to change orientation for a better view of a selected document or image, the monitor is rotated to the desired orientation.

  • High energy efficiency helps reduce energy bills

    Philips has taken a lead in ensuring that all its products switch to energy efficient solutions. By using efficient power supplies and reduction in components, Philips has ensured that your monitor typically consumes about 50% less power than its equivalent previous generation model. Energy saving is further enhanced by using only 0.5 watts in sleep mode. Lower power consumption results in fewer CO2 emissions. You can read more about Philips and energy efficiency @ www.philips.com/about/sustainability/oursustainabilityfocus/energyefficiency/index.page

  • Eco-friendly materials meets major International standards

    With sustainability as a strategic driver of its business, Philips is committed to use eco-friendly materials across its new product range. Lead-free materials are used across the range. All body plastic parts, metal chassis parts and packing material uses 100% recyclable material. 50% reduction in mercury content in lamps has been achieved. We strictly adhere to RoHs standards which ensure that all hazardous material is removed, and only environmentally friendly material is used. You can read more about sustainability and Philips @ http://www.asimpleswitch.com/global/

  • EPEAT Silver ensures lower impact on environment

    The EPEAT (Electronic Product Environmental Assessment Tool) program helps purchasers evaluate, compare and select computer products like Monitors based on 51 environmental criteria supported by US EPA. EPEAT certification ensures reduction in use of toxic materials and hazardous waste and also ensures compliance with Energy Star. All Philips monitors are EPEAT-registered with Silver tier, ensuring protection for human health and environment, while being more energy efficient ensuring low emissions of climate changing green house gases. You can read more about EPEAT @ http://www.epeat.net/

  • Tilt and swivel adjustment for an ideal viewing angle

    Screen tilt and swivel is a mechanism built into the base permits the monitor to swivel and tilt backward or forward.

  • TrueVision: Laboratory quality display performance

    TrueVision is industry-leading, proprietary Philips testing and algorithm technology for monitor adjustment and fine tuning, an extensive process that ensures ultimate display performance in compliance with a standard four-times more stringent than Microsoft's Vista requirements from each and every monitor that leaves the factory - not just a few review samples. Only Philips goes to these lengths to deliver this exacting level of color accuracy and display quality in every new monitor.

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