The Only Way Is Up

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Step 1


Brush your hair through to remove any tangles, and spritz it thoroughly with hairspray to give it extra hold.

First step

Step 2


Straighten all your hair section by section, starting underneath and working upwards. Start as close to the roots as possible so that your hair will lie flatter when it’s tied up.

Second step

Step 3a


Use a soft-bristle brush to brush your hair smoothly up to create a high ponytail at the highest point of your head, and tie tightly with a hair elastic or elastic string. Leave some hair strands loose in front of the ears.

Third step

Step 3b


Or, for an even smoother finish, create two ponytails at the top (clip the first one out of the way before working on the other one). Then tie them both together into one.

3B step

Step 4


Gently twist the ponytail and wrap it loosely around itself into a top knot. Pin securely in place, as tight or loose as you like, hiding the ends of the hair under the knot.

Fourth step

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