Catwalk Curls

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Step 1


Starting with washed and dried hair, make a low side parting that starts above the inner edge of an eyebrow and ends above the outer edge of the eyebrow.

First step

Step 2


Add styling mousse to your hair and blow-dry it roughly using a paddle brush, directing the hair on top over the front of your head so that it lies flat.

Second step

Step 3


Clip your hair up, leaving a roughly 4-cm-wide section at the bottom. Wrap a lock of hair around your curler, with the root of the hair closest to the base, then wind it around and upwards to the tip.

Third step

Step 4


Unclip and curl the next section of hair in the same way. Move upwards, varying the size of the sections you style – curl some hair closer to the base of the barrel and some closer to the tip for a more natural and playful look.

Fourth step

Step 5


When you get to the top sections of your hair, only curl from eyebrow level downwards so that the crown remains sleek. For a soft finish, curl inwards around the face, rather than away from the face.

Fifth step

Step 6


Brush out the lower part of the curls with a soft brush, smooth over the top of your style and finish with hairspray.

Sixth step

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