StyleCare Sublime Ends Curler

13mm - 25mm conical barrel, SplitStop Technology, Keratin infusion, Digital temperature settings BHB871/00


I burnt myself using the Philips hair curler

The Philips hair curler can get very hot. It is extremely important to be cautious while using it to avoid being burnt. Read on for our simple tips on how to safely use the Philips hair curler and enjoy a beautiful hairstyle.

Practise with a cool curler

The length of the Philips curler has been increased for better curling results. We recommend practising with a cool, unplugged curler to get used to the appliance and avoid hurting yourself. You will soon master the curling technique and be able to safely create amazing curls.

Keep distance

When curling your hair, don't bring it too close to the ear, forehead or any other part of your face and neck. Also watch out for your fingers, and make sure you don't touch the hot curling rod.

Treating your burns

Sometimes accidents can happen, even if you are very careful. In case you get burnt using a Philips curler, please treat your burn properly or contact your health practitioner for advice.

The information on this page applies to the following models: BHB871/00 .

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