Steam iron

Steam 40g/min;160g steam boost, Ceramic soleplate, 2400 Watts GC3569/02


There are water marks on my Philips Steam iron

Sometimes, Philips Steam irons are randomly tested with water to guarantee optimum performance. Find out how you can tell if your iron was part of the tests.

Water test leaflet

A water test leaflet, such as the one below, is inserted inside the box as proof that your product has been tested.

The information on this page applies to the following models: GC3569/02 , GC4410/22 , GC4855/22 , GC4856/22 , GC4856/02 , GC4865/22 , GC3550/02 , GC3593/02 , GC3560/02 , GC3540/02 , GC3540/07 , GC2810/02 , GC2860/02 , GC3135/02 , GC4620/02 , GC4630/02 , GC3321/02 , GC3360/02 , GC2560/62 , GC3260/02 , GC4420/02 , GC4330/02 , GC4310/02 , GC2520/02 , GC4430/02 , GC2530/02 , GC2560/02 , GC3109/02 . more less

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