Sonicare FlexCare Platinum Sonic electric toothbrush

3 modes, 3 intensities, 2 brush heads, With pressure sensor HX9112/02


I can't find FlexCare Platinum's number on the website.

If you can't find your Philips FlexCare Platinum number HX9150 on the Sonicare products website or on the Find Your Product web pages, this is not necessarily a problem.

You can still contact Sonicare about your toothbrush

If the number displayed on the bottom of your FlexCare Platinum handle is HX9150, that's okay – your product is an authentic Sonicare FlexCare Platinum and is fully supported by the Sonicare servicing policy. If the number on your Sonicare handle begins with HX91 followed by additional digits then your handle is in the FlexCare Platinum family of products and is fully supported. This includes the following products:

  • HX9110/xx
  • HX9112/xx
  • HX9141/xx
  • HX9143/xx
  • HX9146/xx
  • HX9170/xx
  • HX9172/xx
  • HX9181/xx
  • HX9182/xx
  • HX9183/xx
  • HX9186/xx

xx = all additional numbered versions

If you have any questions about your Sonicare, please contact the Philips Support Centre on the number found on the product support page.

The information on this page applies to the following models: HX9112/02 , HX9182/10 .

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