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    World Sleep Day

    World Sleep Day 2019

    At Philips, we believe sleep is the key to a great day.


    With so many potential factors impacting a good night’s rest, Philips aims to help people across the globe understand not only the value of sleep, but how to start improving their sleep habits.

    The Global Pursuit of Better Sleep Health

    The Philips 2019 global sleep survey


    In recognition of World Sleep Day 2019, Philips once again executed its annual sleep survey to generate insights into how sleep impacts people’s lives and what they are (or are not) doing to improve their sleep around the world. We surveyed more than 12,000 adults across 12 countries to capture attitudes, perceptions, and behaviors around sleep. Results showed that while awareness of sleep’s impact on overall health is on the rise, for many across the globe, achieving quality sleep health remains elusive.

    World Sleep Day Survey Results infographic - 67%
    World Sleep Day Survey Results infographic - 65%
    World Sleep Day Survey Results infographic - 80%
    Understand and acknowledge the ways that lack of sleep impacts all facets of life – work, relationships, productivity
    Build a bedtime routine and maintaining it
    Identify the various factors that might be contributing to your sleep troubles and researching your options and/or consulting a physician to address them
    Use technology strategically. Research and identify tech that can positively impact your sleep (such as sleep therapy, or sleep aid devices), but disconnect from phones and screens at least 30 minutes before bedtime, preferably sleeping without them by your side

    How are you sleeping?


    The first step to better rest is investigating your risk of an underlying sleep disorder. A significant percentage of the global population is estimated to suffer from disrupted sleep, and sleep apnoea is one of the most common of sleep disorders that is often undiagnosed.


    If you think you might be at risk for sleep apnoea, do something good for your health today by taking the sleep apnoea risk quiz.


    We also invite you to share the risk assessment with loved ones who you think might be suffering from sleep apnoea, so they can get the help they need to sleep better.

    World Sleep Day – download the survey results

    Sleep apnoea can affect your health.
    Find out if you are at risk.
    Take this quiz.

    Learn more about obstructive sleep apnoea