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    Philips, following consultation with the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA), announced it is conducting an Urgent Product Defect Correction for specific devices in the sleep and respiratory care portfolio. For more information please click here or call 1800 009 579.

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    Quality Sleep Care, Centred around you

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      Start your journey with Philips Sleep Services

      Philips Sleep Services is an important partner when it comes to your sleep or respiratory journey.

      At Philips Sleep Services, we have built a program specifically designed to support you through your journey, from your initial appointment with your SleepCare consultant and beyond.

      Sleep Apnoea Solutions

      Sleep Apnoea products

      CPAP therapy is an effective treatment for obstructive sleep apnoea. It prevents the upper airway from collapsing during sleep by providing a gentle flow of air, allowing you to breathe freely.

      As a homecare provider, Philips Sleep Services provides sleep apnoea therapy to manage your obstructive sleep apnoea (OSA) condition. Understanding and staying committed to your CPAP therapy can help you get the sound sleep that can improve your well-being.

      How it Works?

      Step 1

      If your GP or physician has referred a home-based sleep study or CPAP therapy, Make an appointment by phoning 1800 830 517 or using our online booking system.

      Step 2

      Attend your initial appointment and our SleepCare consultant will set you up for a home-based sleep study (If you’ve completed a sleep study elsewhere, please go to Step 5).

      Step 3

      Once you have the sensors attached, you are ready to return home to complete your sleep study overnight. When you wake up the next morning, remove the equipment and bring it into the centre for analysis.

      Step 4

      An independent physician will review your sleep study data, and provide their recommendation based on the results. The results are then made available for you to review with your SleepCare Consultant.

      Step 5

      If you require therapy, begin a 1 month trial with Philips Sleep Services. Make an appointment by phoning 1800 830 517 or using our online booking system. You will receive guidance and support from our SleepCare Consultants throughout your trial.

      Step 6

      Once you have completed your trial, attend your end of trial appointment to discuss the trial results and long-term options.

      Step 7

      Continue to receive care and support from our Professional SleepCare team with our longer term options.

      Start your CPAP therapy with Philips Sleep Services.

      By joining Philips Sleep Services you have the dedicated support of our SleepCare team to provide you with expert advice to make your journey as smooth as possible.

      Your 1 month CPAP therapy trial includes:

      • A Philips CPAP rental device, humidifier, tube and filters.
      • A new mask – One mask swap is included.With our latest innovation, the Mask Selector Facial 3D technology tool, we can help find the right mask type and size recommendation1, personalised to you1.

      Connected care solutions through our built-in cellular modems which allows us to:

        - Manage your sleep data and CPAP therapy needs and;

        - Provide your referring physician with access to therapy results to monitor progress during your trial and on-going. 

      • Our SleepCare team will partner with you to ensure you feel informed, motivated, educated and equipped with the necessary tools to ensure your CPAP therapy is a success.
      • Registration to Philips DreamMapper App for updated daily results.


      1. Data analysis after 90 days of use. 2019 Philips sponsored patient preference trial (n=310). Patients scanned using the Mask Selector (n=153) vs. traditional fitting methods (n=157)

      Sleep health foundation

      Sleep Health Foundation (SHF) Code of practice

      Philips Sleep Services complies with The Sleep Health Foundation's Code of Practice for Suppliers of CPAP Sleep Therapies, which ensures suppliers of sleep disorder therapies adopt consistent standards. The code is endorsed by the Australasian Sleep Association (ASA), the national peak professional body of sleep clinicians and sleep scientists. For more information visit:www.sleephealthfoundation.org.au

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      Philips Sleep Services Supports NDIS Patients

      Philips Sleep Services is a registered NDIS provider of sleep and respiratory assistive technology. We support self-managed, plan managed and NDIS managed participants all around Australia* with their sleep and respiratory care needs. Call your nearest centre for more information.

      *In Northern Territory we only support self-managed and plan managed participants.

      To make an appointment for a home based sleep study or therapy at your nearest location, phone 1800 830 517 (toll-free) or book online.


      We offer the following appointments:


      1) Home Based Sleep Study (available at selected locations) or;


      2) Sleep Therapy (Initial set-up, download, follow-up)

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      Dealing with Obstructive Sleep Apnoea (OSA)

      Clinically trained staff

      What is Sleep Apnoea?

      Sleep apnoea is a common sleep disorder charactarised by repeated interruptions in breathing throughout the sleep cycle.

      Better sleep and healthier life

      How do I get diagnosed?

      If you think you have sleep apnoea, it’s important to find out for sure so that you can begin treatment and start enjoying the benefits of better sleep and a healthier life.

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      Sleep Therapy Products

      Masks, devices and software tools for comfortable, easy therapy.


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