Thank Mum For…Well…Being Mum, Says Philips

April 28, 2015

Sydney, Australia – On Mother's Day we'll be honouring the women who brought us into the world, taught us to walk and feed ourselves, cared for us, showed us right from wrong and always put us first.


As a company that focuses on personal health and wellbeing, Royal Philips (NYSE: PHG, AEX: PHI) has a deep appreciation of the busy lifestyles and challenges Australian mums face every day, and believes they deserve the very best.


So whether they enjoy having fun with food, appreciate a bit of at-home pampering, or can bring joy to their family with their smile, here's a selection of suitable Philips presents to celebrate mums this Mother’s Day.


For The Mum Who Loves To Cook


Dinner parties with friends, new cookbooks, cooking shows back on the TV – there’s always something encouraging us to have fun and experiment with food. However, the joy of cooking can certainly be lost sometimes when you’ve got to conjure something up for the whole family after a long day at work or looking after the kids. It’s equally as hard not to turn to the easy, less healthy options, just to get something on the plate. With that in mind, Philips has an accomplished range of products that are perfect for time poor mums who want to serve great-tasting healthier meals for their family.


Philips Airfryer XL (HD9240), RRP $449.95

Available at major department stores, leading electronics stores and from selected authorised dealers.


With the Philips Airfryer XL mums can now cook healthier fried food, but also have the options of grilling, roasting and baking – all from the very same appliance. With the Airfryer’s patented Rapid Air technology, mums can now depend on air to cook their food and enjoy great-tasting fried food that contains up to 80 percent less fat (1).


The Philips Airfryer XL is more powerful and boasts a 1.2 kilogram capacity - 50 percent extra (2) - that can feed up to five people. Additionally, the Adjustable Temperature Control can pre-set temperatures of up to 200°C, which helps to cut down food preparation time immensely while producing crispy and evenly-cooked fried food. 


Philips Pasta and Noodle Maker (HD2357/06), RRP $339

Available at major department stores, leading electronics stores and from selected authorised dealers.


For mums who love to experiment in the kitchen with Italian or Asian cuisine, the new Philips Pasta and Noodle Maker is the ideal gift. It is an automatic solution to make home-made pasta and noodles in just 15 minutes (3). All you need to do is toss in the egg, flour and water and the machine mixes, kneads and extrudes fresh homemade pasta to add to your favourite sauces. The whole family can join in on the fun by choosing from a variety of different styles of pasta and noodle shapes.

Click here for more information on Philips’ kitchen appliances, which have been ever-present in the family kitchen for decades.


For The Mum Who Loves To Get Pampered


There’s something to be said about letting someone else look after your beauty routine. However, there’s also something to be said for achieving salon like results while saving the pennies thanks to ever-improving products. Whether it’s refreshing your skin, getting rid of unwanted body hair, or finding suitable styling tools for face and hair, Philips has an array of beauty products that will make every mum’s bathroom feel like a personal salon.


Philips VisaPure (SC5275/10), RRP: $199

Available at major department stores, leading electronics stores and from selected authorised dealers.



Mums can take their daily skincare routine to the next level with Philips VisaPure, a gentle, easy-to-use facial-cleansing device that massages the skin to remove make-up and dirt, and is more effective than cleaning the face by hand. Creating a salon like facial treatment at home, Philips VisaPure has a waterproof ‘dual motion’ technology that creates a comfortable massaging effect that aids micro-circulation beneath the surface to bring out the skin’s natural radiance.


The silky soft brushes of the Philips VisaPure both rotate and vibrate to gently remove make-up and dirt and cleanse away dead skin cells, naturally. Mums can also control the intensity of cleansing by selecting a variety of different brush heads – normal, sensitive or deep cleansing.


Philips Lumea Precision Plus (SC2006/11), RRP: $899.95

Available at major department stores, leading electronics stores and selected authorised dealers.



Mums now have the opportunity to enjoy beautiful smooth hair-free skin without the price tag thanks to the Philips Lumea Precision Plus. The cordless hair-removal solution uses Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) technology to inhibit hair regrowth. Costing as little as $3.21(4) per full body treatment(5) over the lifetime of the product, the Philips Lumea Precision Plus delivers salon-like results from the comfort of home. Perfect for achieving beautifully smooth skin all year round, with a prolonged lamp lifetime of 140,000 flashes providing over 500 full body treatments, the Philips Lumea Precision Plus is the most cost effective at-home IPL solution from Philips to date(6).


Philips Pro Dryer (HPS920), RRP: $199.95

Available at major department stores, leading electronics stores and selected from authorised dealers.



Mums can reinvigorate their hair care routine this Mother’s Day with a Philips Pro Dryer. As the winner of two international design awards(7) in 2015, the Philips Pro Dryer is designed to open when hair gets too hot, allowing mum to create a defined style with less risk of hair damage. To save time, the Philips Pro Dryer dries wet hair fast with drying speeds of up to 120km/h and the adjustable settings can be changed to suit variations in hair thickness. For a professional straightened style, match the Philips Pro Dryer with the Philips Pro Straightener (HPS930) with titanium plates for fast and chic straightening results.


When it comes to beauty, Philips ensures women have every opportunity to look their best. Click here for more information on the full range of beauty products.


For The Mum Who Loves To Smile


According to a recent Australian Philips survey(8), spending time with family is what makes Australian mums smile the most. However, because they’re so dedicated to looking after their family and juggle with the many time pressures of parenthood, they’re sometimes not able to look after their oral health properly. Philips is introducing two new ‘pretty in pink’ products that are sure to keep your mum’s smile looking healthy all the time.


Philips Sonicare DiamondClean Pink (HX9362/67), RRP: $299.95

Available at major department stores, leading electronics stores and from selected authorised dealers.



The Philips Sonicare DiamondClean Pink, one of Philips’ most advanced sonic toothbrushes to date, is offering mums the ability to remove up to seven times more plaque(9) than a manual toothbrush and achieve whiter teeth in just one week(10). A built-in timer pauses the brush when a 30-second period has passed so mums can cover all areas of their mouth effectively, with the brush also turning off at the end of a two-minute cycle. With five brushing modes and a specially designed brush head for easier and better cleaning, the DiamondClean Pink also comes with an elegant charging glass for the bathroom, as well as an innovative USB charging travel case, perfect for mums on the go.


Philips Sonicare AirFloss Pink (HX8221/02), RRP: $179.95

Available at major department stores, leading electronics stores and from selected authorised dealers.



The stylish new Philips Sonicare AirFloss Pink is an easy and effective way for mums to clean in-between teeth, eliminating the hassles associated with traditional flossing. The Sonicare AirFloss Pink works by using a rapid burst of air and water to penetrate the space between teeth, which helps force plaque and bacteria out. With a nozzle guidance tip for targeted cleaning and a simple one-button operation, morning and night rituals can be shorter, allowing mums to clean their entire mouth in less than a minute, while using only two teaspoons of water or mouth wash.



Philips Zoom teeth whitening system, RRP $1,000

Available at selected dentists throughout Australia


Philips’ in-chair tooth whitening treatment, available at the dentist, is perfect for mums who would like to brighten up their already amazing smile. The light-activated whitening system incorporates advanced LED whitening technology that is proven to whiten teeth up to eight shades in just 45 minutes(11), meaning mums can even get it done on their lunch break. Philips Zoom also offers different intensity settings allowing dentists to adjust and ensure a comfortable whitening experience for mums.


There are not many brands that know what it takes to keep a smile looking its best. More information on Philips’s leading range of oral healthcare products can be found here.

(1): Compared to fresh fries prepared in a conventional Philips deep fat fryer
(2): Compared to the Philips Viva Airfryer HD9220
(3): Approximate timing for 2 servings with 5 minutes of kneading time
(4): Calculation based on model SC2008 with RRP $899.95 divided by 140,000 flashes. 500 flashes required for full body treatment for this model
(5): Full body treatment includes upper lip, underarm, bikini line and full legs
(6): Calculation based on model SC2008 with RRP $899.95 divided by 140,000 flashes. 500 flashes required for full body treatment for this model
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