Male grooming

A man’s guide to grooming expression

Express yourself every day: It’s your prerogative

Self-expression was once thought to be reserved for the “rich, idle, exceptionally brilliant or mentally unstable few,” according to our resident Grooming Expression Expert, Dr. Allan Peterkin. Thankfully for men the world over, things have changed.

In this report, Dr. Peterkin explores the history of grooming and how perceptions about masculinity and what grooming says about a man have evolved to where they are today.

Find out why limitations are a thing of the past and how men today have huge opportunities and the freedom to discover their true individuality and express it within their shaving and grooming routines – every single day. From shadowy stubble to pointed beards and precision goatees, the options are endless. All men need nowadays, Dr. Peterkin says, is “divergent thinking” in order to seize opportunities that can enhance a man’s self-confidence and create a habit of every day expression.

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About Dr. Allan Peterkin:

Dr. Allan Peterkin is a reputable expert on all things male grooming and is regularly called on as a male grooming expression commentator for the likes of New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, GQ, Esquire and Shortlist.

In addition to being a prolific scribe on the topic of male grooming and author of ‘1000 Beards – A Cultural History of Facial Hair’ and ‘The Bearded Gentleman – The Style Guide to Shaving Face’, he’s a psychiatrist by trade and lectures at the University of Toronto.

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