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Meet the man who puts espresso into self-expression

Blake “Snake” Davies: the man who delivers your coffee by skateboard
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Ah, good old food delivery, it’s been around forever! We all recognise the pizza guy who rides up in the precarious delivery moped. So when we heard about a skateboarding coffee barista down in Australia, we were intrigued. How does one put a spin on a job that would usually be stuck in the same old routine and find a way to express himself in a cool, different way?

Decked out in a neon vest, Blake “Snake” Davies wheels around the New South Wales town of Port Macquarie delivering coffee to local customers. “It’s definitely my spin of the 50s diner roller-skate girls,” Blake said. “But mostly it’s just another way [for me] to make people smile and express myself.”

Breaking the monotony of routine life in the 21st Century motivated Blake to break away from the norm and treat each day as a new opportunity to express himself, wherever he was and whatever he was doing for a living.

This laidback skater enjoys shredding during his shifts at the Casualties Espresso cafe and says that he often notices people watching him roll by them, adding his own personal touch to the routine of serving coffee. “Everyone loves seeing me tearing up the pavement with a fist full of coffees.”

Work, rest and play

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Blake, like anyone else, works Monday to Friday, but he enjoys the freedom to express himself with some pretty awesome extra-curricular activity. While many in Port Macquarie may spend the evening at home, Blake can be found cruising around local communities on his skate board chatting to locals and clearing up rubbish, disrupting his daily routine by helping  the community in his own way. If you don’t catch him in the park doing his bit for the community he’ll be out at sea on his surfboard waiting for the next wave.

“When I bought my van, the idea was to travel up and down the east coast of Australia, catching the best breaks, chasing the waves, you know?” he said. “I get paid to serve coffee, but I like to put my individual stamp on it, make it a little different and memorable for my customers.”

The everyday routine redrawn

Blake Davies Fire Breathing

 “I love to catch up every day with the regulars at my coffee shop. I consider them like family now that they’ve been in my life for so long,” Blake added.

His idea of “living the dream” is to have freedom, without responsibilities. He works until 2pm, surfs until sunset, parks wherever he pleases, and lays in his van, plays his guitar and listens to the night noises. He even finds time to indulge in fire breathing! He believes that you shouldn’t feel tied down and life is what you make it. His existence is minimal but he has a roof over his head, a surfboard, skateboard and a guitar – more than enough!

Stay tuned for more from Blake in the coming weeks and months on how he likes to express himself.

What’s your idea of living the dream?

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