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Celebrate Good Times

A look at some of the most self-expressive celebrations in sport
Credit: Whitley Bay FC

Of all the emotions that athletes go through in sport, the most genuine is always that of celebration, a joyous outpouring of positivity, the ultimate act of sporting self-expression.

Over the years there have been numerous examples of brilliant celebrations in sport that really embody the spirit of self-expression but here are a few our favourites...

Marco Tardelli’s Cry

As a nation, Italians aren’t renowned for being the shy, retiring types, quite the opposite! So when Marco Tardelli put Italy’s national football team 2-0 up against West Germany to seal their World Cup win in 1982, it’s no surprise that he let his feelings show. What followed is simply known as the ‘Tardelli Cry’ which has become an instant classic. His celebration was simple, to run towards his teammates on the touchline with both fists clenched to his chest, crying and shaking his head from side to side while screaming “Goal!” in a state of half-euphoria and disbelief. This celebration was an embodiment of pure, unadulterated male self-expression in its rawest form.

Pat Cash. Credit: three15bowery

Dash for Cash

Sometimes celebrations don’t necessarily have to be about shows of macho-ness or even be comedic, sometimes emotive celebration can be the best. When Pat Cash won the Wimbledon men’s tennis final in 1987, he wasn’t bothered by the rules and regulations of the old fuddy-duddies at the All England Club. Before he received his trophy he climbed all the way up the stands to the players box on Centre Court where his parents and girlfriend were sitting to share his triumph with the people who meant the most to him. This kind of reckless disregard for the rules and for his own personal safety is the kind of self-expression we don’t condone but do admire.

The Lambeau Leap. Credit: Scrunchleface

Lambeau Leap

There are numerous examples of self-expressive touchdown celebrations in the NFL - Homer Jones’ Spike, Jamal Anderson’s Dirty Bird, every Chad Ochocinco celebration ever (there are too many great ones to list) but the most famous of all NFL touchdown celebrations is undoubtedly the Lambeau Leap. This sees players from the Green Bay Packers jump up into the stands at the back of the end zone to celebrate their touchdown with the fans. The Lambeau Leap is the ultimate act of self-expression - sharing the glory and joy of scoring a touchdown with the fans.

How do you celebrate when you succeed in your sport? Are there any unique celebrations named after you?

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