Male grooming

  • Has your facial hair ever brought you luck?

    We look at the men who grow to show they care
    Stiletto beard

    You may have seen our post about the NFL players who grow beards for luck during the Super Bowl play-offs. Today we look at some other famous sportsmen who express themselves via their grooming routine for good luck...


  • A man’s guide to grooming expression

    Express yourself every day: It’s your prerogative

    Self-expression was once thought to be reserved for the “rich, idle, exceptionally brilliant or mentally unstable few,” according to our resident Grooming Expression Expert, Dr. Allan Peterkin. Thankfully for men the world over, things have changed.

    In this report, Dr. Peterkin explores the history of grooming and how perceptions about masculinity and what grooming says about a man have evolved to where they are today.

  • Lunch Break Superhero

    Shunpei Nozaki is like the X-Men without radiation. Or Superman without being born on a distant planet. He's an everyday superhero.

  • Meet the man who puts espresso into self-expression

    Blake “Snake” Davies: the man who delivers your coffee by skateboard
    Blake Davies 7

    Ah, good old food delivery, it’s been around forever! We all recognise the pizza guy who rides up in the precarious delivery moped. So when we heard about a skateboarding coffee barista down in Australia, we were intrigued. How does one put a spin on a job that would usually be stuck in the same old routine and find a way to express himself in a cool, different way?

    Decked out in a neon vest, Blake “Snake” Davies wheels around the New South Wales town of Port Macquarie delivering coffee to local customers. “It’s definitely my spin of the 50s diner roller-skate girls,” Blake said. “But mostly it’s just another way [for me] to make people smile and express myself.”