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Philips  Hand blender 700 W HR1372/90

More power for professional results

Pure Essentials Collection Hand blender HR1372/90

Powerful 700 Watt motor and double action blade

Fresh, quality food is something any home chef appreciates. But you don’t have to be a culinary professional to produce it. With the new Philips hand blender, you can achieve professional results in your own kitchen – quickly and easily.
Philips Pure Essentials Collection Hand blender HR1372/90 700 W Metal bar, double action knife Chopper & 2 accessories  5 speeds +turbo 2.8 5 10 10
Chopper units failed Fine for whizzing homemade soups, but then when i tried to use the larger chopper for breadcrumbs (how tough a job??) the unit failed. Today trying to chop small pieces of meat, the smaller unit has also failed. Hoped it was the fuse, but looking at these reviews it's gone to "hand-blender heaven!" 23 April 2014
Great features. Easy to use and I love having two processor bowls. 25 August 2013
Perfect and easy. I recommend this product. It is very, very helpful. 12 August 2013
Great while the chopper lasts I love the product and was very disappointed when the chopper failed 13 July 2013
Poor quality Like others who have posted comments my blender didn't last too long either. The two chopper units failed in exactly the same way that was described by others. A poor bearing that connects the drive spindle to the chopping blades. As soon as it tries to chop anything more than a liquid the tiny grooves on the drive spindle get stripped off. I spent the extra money on a more powerful unti compared to my long lasting cheapie unit that finally failed after many many years. What a waste, it just lasted long enough for the warranty to end and then broke. Philips high price was wasted , it simply was a poor product. Avoid. 16 March 2013
XL chopper lid drive failure! I have had my blender since March 2009 and it has solely been used to blitz my homemade soups. Well this evening I decided to give the xl chopper a go to make a salsa dip (cherry toms/onion which was already sliced/herbs) started off well and seemed to be doing a fine job. Then the blade stopped turning and the motor went into overdrive. Low and behold the drive shaft is spinning inside the coupling. Looking at other reviews and on searching the web it seems to be a common fault and from a product that is supposedly able to chop ice! I note that most of the spares sites are primarily stocking replacement chopper lids! I wonder why? Being a mechanical engineer I took a closer look. The drive spindle is connected to the chopper coupling by a very fine toothed metal push fit cog which fits into a plastic receptacle that is clearly not up to the job expected of it. One would think that Philips would have addressed this design issue before putting the product to market or at least issued notice of the fault and offered customers a modified and updated part. It you intend using this product to chop then don't bother, go and buy something more up to job. If you just want to blitz soups then buy it and leave the choppers in the back of the cupboard for eternity 23 November 2012
drive cogs failed after using twice both lids for the blending jars stripped the drive cogs after using twice, given that one is designed to cut ice and therefore should be very strong I was stunned they stripped the dogs so easily ,can't even do breadcrumbs in them now 4 November 2012
No Instructions Overall a very good product big no no is No Instruction Book what blade do you use. For what etc etc etc 19 October 2012
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More power for professional results

  • Double action blade
  • Powerful 700 W motor

The best result on every application

  • Multiple speeds and turbo button

Chops onion, herbs, hard cheese and more

  • XL chopper accessory for chopping large quantities
  • Mini chopper accessory

Whips cream, mousse, egg whites and more

  • Whisk accessory for whipping cream, mayonnaise and more

No splashing while you blend

  • Anti-splash blade guard


Double action blade

Double action blade of the Philips hand blender cuts horizontally and vertically.

Double-action blade
XL chopper accessory

XL chopper accessory for chopping large quantities

With the XL chopper accessory (1000ml) for a Philips hand blender you can chop large quantities of meat, herbs, nuts, cheese, chocolate and onions in seconds.

Whisk accessory for whipping cream, mayonnaise and more

Single whisk accessory for Philips hand blender for whipping cream, mayonnaise, pan cake batter and more. Makes your hand blender mutlifuctional and versatiles.

Whisk accessory
Anti-splash blade guard

Anti-splash blade guard

No splashes or mess while you blend.

Multiple speeds and turbo button

Powerful 700 W motor

Eco passport

Philips cares about the environment and society at large, and strongly supports eco-design of products.

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