Bottle warmers and sterilisers

Healthy food preparation

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Warm quickly your little one's milk- Anywhere, anytime!

No more worries how to warm up your little one's milk when you're out in the park, on the beach or travelling. Our Thermal bottle warmer is the fastest and easiest way to warm up your milk on-the-go. The pre-filled bottle warmer keeps the water hot for at least 4 hours, and warms already in 2.5 min a 4 oz from room temperature. This way your baby can always enjoy his/her meal, anywhere, anytime!

See which steriliser works for you

  Microwave Steam Steriliser
3-1 electric steriliser 4-1 electric steriliser
Keeps contents sterile for 24 hours yes yes yes
Sterilising time 2 min 6 min
6 min
Auto shut off no yes yes
Adjustable in three sizes
no yes yes
Capacity 4 bottles 6 bottles 6 bottles
BPA free material
yes yes yes
Tong included yes yes yes
Includes Dish washer basket
no no yes
Advanced display with progress indicator
no no yes
Overall rating No rating yet No rating yet