Tamworth: Turn on your imagination and paint the house with light

See how Hue personal wireless lighting not only transforms the ambiance and mood, but can be part of family fun and games.


Using HUE 2.0 and energy efficient LED lights, Fiona, Matt & family had their living area and kitchen completely transformed. The HUE 2.0 lighting allows the family to change the ambiance, colour and mood of their home at the touch of a button.

Transforming Fiona & Matt's home in Tamworth city with Joe Snell

View the before & after

of Matt & Fiona's home makeover


Our Solution:

Using Philips Hue 2.0, we brought an element of fun and imagination into the home. Easy to install, Hue allows you to paint with light, sync with movies and games and set automated schedules to your day. We used a mix of LED bulbs, portable table lights and downlights to create this environment and helped reduce energy costs at the same time.