* Suction power compared to the top selling bagless vacuum cleaner in Europe, tested by external test institute, SLG Pruf und Zertifizierung GmbH, according to DIN EN 60312/11/2008 on carpet, Febr/April 2014.

    ** Suction power compared to the top selling bagless vacuum cleaner in Europe, tested on average by external test institute according to DIN EN 60312/11/2008 , January 2013.

    What makes our PowerCyclone technology superior?

    When designing the Philips bagless vacuum cleaners, we perfected our PowerCyclone technology. So dust is immediately separated from air, and suction power stays stronger for longer. Our optimized cyclones help reduce the air resistance, for our most efficient conversion of input power into suction power. This also leads to maximized airflow – so you get high performance and excellent cleaning results.

    PowerCyclone technology

    Air/dust separation
    Filter cleaning frequency
    Max. input power (W)
    1800W* - 2000W**
    Max. suction power (W)
    350W* - 370W**
    PowerPro Compact*
    PowerPro Active**
    PowerPro Expert
    PowerPro Ultimate

    Philips makes dust disposal easy and clean

    NanoClean Technology*


    No more dust clouds, thanks to our innovative NanoClean technology. Now dust simply falls to the bottom of the dust container, and does not stick to the sides. When it’s time to empty, dust and dirt slide out – clean and easy.


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    *on selected PowerPro Ultimate models

    • Extra ergonomic dust container

      We designed a special spout on the side of the dust container, so emptying goes smoothly – and in a controlled manner – without spilling dirt and dust.

    • Empties with one hand

      Just push the button to open the dust container lid – then tilt to dispose of the dust. It’s that easy.

    Unique TriActive nozzles, designed by Philips


    Three cleaning actions in one go.

    TriActive nozzle

    TriActive+ nozzle

    + With side brushes

    TriActiveZ nozzle


    Our TriActiveZ nozzle has a special zigzag design that channels dust, dirt and even big crumbs – without extra effort. 

    DiamondFlex nozzle


    Vacuum corners with ease. Our DiamondFlex nozzle rotates 180⁰, so you can smoothly maneuver around furniture and other objects.

    Turbo brush nozzle


    For deep carpet cleaning, we recommend our Turbo brush nozzle. With a rotating brush that even removes hair and fluff.

    Which Philips bagless vacuum cleaner is right for you?

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