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Improving the quality of people’s lives
In this new age of personalized medicine, sophisticated diagnostic tests and genetic profiling plays an increasingly important role. In terms of clinical outcome, it’s fantastic news. However, it means that diagnosis and treatment will become ever more complex and technology-based. That’s why we combine clinical expertise with human insights to create solutions that genuinely improve the quality of people’s lives.

Unique medical solutions
With a growing presence in cardiology, oncology, and women’s health, we offer innovations in everything from disease prevention and screening to diagnosis, treatment, therapy monitoring and disease management. Whether in the doctor’s office, hospital or home, the unique medical solutions you help develop will optimize the quality and flow of patient information and clinical decision-making.


Personalize your career
A career at Philips Healthcare won’t see you stuck in an office or laboratory. Our commitment to meeting the needs of patients and clinicians means you’ll be dealing with real people, understanding the way they work, the way they feel and what it takes to improve their daily lives. You’ll also develop a fascinating perspective on the global healthcare industry - while personalizing your career in an era of personalized medicine.


Mobile Obstetrics Monitoring (MoM) Project Indonesia

The United Nations (UN) noted that almost half a million pregnant women worldwide die during their pregnancy as a result of complications, most of which are preventable. Of these deathes, 99% occur in developing countries. It is essential that high-risk pregnancies are detected earlyand mothers are provided with adequate medical facilities in time.


The Mobile Obstetrics Monitoring Project, also known as the MoM project, started in Indonesia helps identify early pregnancy risks by tranmitting data to a specialist in another location. In an Urban setup, MoM offers convenient access to clinical data anytime and anywhere to help doctors make quick and informed decisions.

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