Everyone’s got "The Voice" with the new Philips Bluetooth® wireless microphone and iPad docking speaker

April 18, 2013

Sydney, Australia – Philips has launched a new wireless microphone and iPad speaker dock that lets users put on their own version of "The Voice" in the comfort of their home. Based around the hit TV show currently on Channel 9 in Australia, the Philips Bluetooth wireless microphone and iPad speaker, plus "The Voice: On Stage!" app available on iTunes, lets players sing the latest tracks, take a Blind Audition, and go into battle rounds against their friends to see who has ‘The Voice of Australia’.


Ensuring that every little detail of a vocal performance is picked up, the Philips microphone has high-sensitivity and a dynamic range, plus echo and noise cancellation, so that every song from soft ballads to loud rock numbers sound stage-worthy.



The microphone is enabled with Bluetooth wireless and is detachable from its stand, so the singer can wander around the room, move freely with the music and put their whole body into their performance. Or, it can be left on the stand to allow the performer to use both their hands and put everything they have into their song.


Making sure the speaker is replicating what the singer is putting in to their performance, it boasts an output of 2 x 5W. The speaker also plays music from a smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth technology.


By downloading the official "The Voice: On Stage!" application from iTunes1, the real fun can begin. The official app lets you sing, record and compete with hundreds of the biggest hit songs. Available for free download, it starts with free hit songs, and more songs can be earned as the game is played. The app shows lyrics of each song on screen with a changing colour guide so that the player can keep in time with the music. In addition, The Voice: On Stage! app has guiding vocals to pick up a song quickly, which can be turned up or down to the player’s liking.


Singing in a ‘Blind Audition’ is just like the real thing – players can see how many coaches are willing to pick them. Players can also challenge their friends and family in ‘Battle Mode’. Performances will be scored by the app on criteria such as pitch, rhythm, range, and voice quality.


1Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 5.0 or later. This app is optimised for iPhone 5


The Voice: On Stage! also turns an iPad into a mixing board by allowing a user to record and post audio recordings online to let others rate performances. Results can be shared via Facebook, Twitter or email, and the fun will never end with songs available for download constantly updated in the large song library.


The Philips wireless microphone and Bluetooth speaker set is available from the end of April for $199rrp from Harvey Norman and Myer.


“The Voice: On Stage!” app is not included and can be downloaded from iTunes here

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