Philips launches a new range of groomers and hair clippers to help men achieve a professional, precise look while protecting the skin

Includes hair clipper with 38 settings for different lengths and precise 5-in-1 grooming kit

March 1, 2011

Sydney, Australia – Philips is pleased to announce a new range of skin-friendly grooming and hair clipper products carefully designed to reduce skin irritation while offering precise results.


The range includes the Philips Hair Clipper Premium (QC5770), with skin-friendly blades to prevent scratching and intelligent design elements for best performance and the Philips Multigroom Grooming Kit Pro (QG3280), featuring five skin-friendly cutting attachments to aid in crafting any desired style.


“Philips is a leader in men’s grooming products. This new range reflects our ongoing innovation in the category and understanding of what men are looking for in grooming products,” said Peter Bosscher, Senior Manager, Business Development, Personal Care & Domestic Appliances, Philips Australia & New Zealand. “All of these products have been designed for easy use on a daily basis, are simple to clean and, most importantly, take care of the skin.”



The Philips Hair Clipper Premium (QC5770) combines skin-friendly rounded tips with 38 length settings and one-millimetre precision to ensure professional and comfortable results. A 3D contour following comb follows every curve and delivers a faster, closer and more comfortable experience, and Diamond-like carbon technology ensures the cutting element stays sharper for longer. Corded or cordless functionality and easily washable attachments make it a versatile and effective hair styling tool. The Philips Hair Clipper Premium has a RRP of $159.95.




The Philips Multigroom Grooming Kit Pro - Waterproof (QG3280) has been carefully designed with comfort, precision and adaptability in mind. Rounded trimmer tips ensure comfortable use without skin irritation, while the 100 per cent waterproof design makes cleaning and maintenance a simple task.


With five cutting attachments, including a full-size trimmer, precision trimmer and a body shaver, the Philips Multigroom Grooming Kit Pro offers men all they need to create their unique style. With a cordless design and accompanied by a storage pouch and stand, the kit allows you to achieve precise results no matter where you are. The Philips Multigroom Grooming Kit Pro has a RRP of $139.95.



Philips Hair Clipper Pro – QC5350
RRP $99.95


The Philips Hair Clipper Pro guarantees professional results every time, combining smart technologies to deliver precision, power and comfort. With 38 length settings for close clipping, 2D combs to follow the contours of your head and rounded blade and comb edges to avoid skin irritation, the hair clipper delivers a smooth, even and comfortable cut time after time. The LED display makes control simple, while the fully washable design makes cleaning a breeze.






Philips Hair Clipper Pro Professional Power – QC5345
RRP $79.95


With ultra-sharp blades and a powerful lithium-ion battery, the Philips Hair Clipper Pro Professional Power makes light work for even the thickest hair. Nineteen length settings allow you to achieve your desired look while the contour-following combs ensure evenness at all times. Self-sharpening stainless steel blades guarantee top cutting performance and the ability to use the hair clipper cordless or corded offers flexibility and convenience.




Philips Hair Clipper Plus – QC5335
RRP $59.95


The Philips Hair Clipper Plus is a skin-friendly and precise hair-styling tool, delivering a comfortable and consistent cut with every use. Advanced contour-following combs improve cutting speed and comfort, while the efficient NiMH battery means the clipper is ready to use when required. Adjustable guide combs and rounded blade edges make the Philips Hair Clipper Plus an impressive hair-cutting device.




  Philips Hair Clipper – QC5115
RRP $29.95

The Philips Hair Clipper boasts an easily adjustable comb for use on all hair lengths and 10 secured length settings to help create the look you desire. With rounded blades for skin-friendly use and a lightweight and compact design, the Philips Hair Clipper is precise, reliable and simple to use.



Philips Multigroom Grooming Kit Pro - Lithium Ion Power – QG3270/32
RRP $99.95


The Philips Multigroom Grooming Kit offers users the versatility to create any desired style with precision but without skin irritation. Sharper edges improve the cutting performance and rounded guards offer a more gentle experience. The Multigroom ensures superior looking and feeling grooming. With five cutting attachments, two comb attachments, and an easily washable design, the Philips Multigroom Grooming Kit delivers a sense of pride with every style.





Philips Multigroom Grooming Kit Pro – QG3260/32
RRP $59.95


The Philips Multigroom Grooming Kit is a skin friendly and professionally precise styling and grooming tool, providing users with all they need to achieve the desired look. With a total of five fully washable cutting attachments, the sleek, cordless Multigroom is a precise grooming tool at home or on the go.




Philips Multigroom Grooming Kit - Everyday – QG3030/20
RRP $34.95


The Philips Multigroom Grooming Kit combines four grooming tools in one elegant device, offering a skin friendly and high performing experience. Designed to avoid scratching while enhancing cutting performance, and with fully washable attachments for easy cleaning, the QG3030/20 is the ideal tool to help create your unique look.


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